Our customers operate in demanding industries, including the automotive, aerospace, medical and engineering sectors. The products they produce and use need to be able to withstand wear, friction and corrosion, often in hostile environments. At Aalberts surface technologies, we supply customers with an A-Z of treatments, from anodizing to zinc-flake coating, with a growing focus on green surface technologies. And we are able to do this for customers nearly wherever and whenever needed.

customer solutions

The automotive and aerospace sectors are searching for global supply chains across regions and continents, and many of our customers are streamlining their supply chains, reducing the number of suppliers. At our innovation technology center (itec) in Switzerland, we help improve existing processes and develop our next-generation sustainable surface technologies. But we are also able to offer customers a combination of specialized technologies locally and globally from our facilities across Europe, the USA and China.

sustainable solutions

This move towards sustainable surface technologies involves using selective coatings only where needed, and reducing chemicals that pollute the environment and can impact health. One great example is our new LASOX-COAT® process. As an innovative process for the production of wear and/or corrosion-resistant oxide layers on aluminum and titanium, LASOX-COAT® uses a laser to coat the work piece in an oxygen atmosphere. This means the process doesn’t require the use of any chemicals, a key advantage.

strong ambitions

With the focus on becoming the leading global brand for performance enhancing coatings, Aalberts surface technologies is continuing to develop solutions for individual customer requirements based on coating processes that are recognized for their durability and high functionality. We believe that our meticulous quality management, close cooperation between customer design teams and our process technology, and our next-generation technologies will enable us to achieve our ambitions, and help our customers achieve theirs.

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