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Printing Industry -
We make our mark on economic efficiency

Printing Industry - We make our mark on economic efficiency

Aalberts surface treatment offers its customers solutions

Paper processing procedures at high speeds develop forces which can take a serious toll, even on machine components made of steel. The dust caused by the paper friction also results in considerable cleaning requirements - factors that hinder smooth, uninterrupted production.

Printing processes pose special challenges

preventing traces of ink, maintaining web tension without damaging the material and resistance to dust all require material surfaces that meet a wide variety of requirements at the same time. Aalberts surface treatment offers its customers solutions with outstanding nonstick properties and high wear resistance thanks to tailor-made coating systems with special reinforcement materials.

  • Nonstick properties of glue basins and coating rolls of bookbinding machines

  • Nonstick coatings of ink pans in the printing industry

  • Extremely hard wear protection for punch and counter-cutting cylinders for the printing of labels

Customized coating-systems

We make our mark on economic efficiency

Optimized surface coatings help to significantly improve economic efficiency in various aspects of the production process.

Glue basins and coating rolls of bookbinding machines

Most modern bookbinding machines use very powerful PUR adhesives to glue the spines. The adhesive is heated to the required processing temperature in a glue basin and applied to the spines of the books using multiple coating rolls. At the end of the day, the equipment is shut down and the adhesive cools off and hardens. Extensive mechanical effort is required to remove the residue. Valuable time is wasted cleaning the glue basin and coating rolls. Cleaning normally has to be done on a daily basis before the bookbinding equipment is started up. The cleaning process damages the rolls and basin over time.

The application of ChemCoat® and MagnaCoat® considerably improves the nonstick properties of glue basins and coating rolls. The hardened adhesive residue can be peeled off the basin and roll by hand, and the machine is quickly ready for use again. Cleaning time and machine downtime can be drastically reduced. Rolls and glue basins are not damaged.

The ChemCoat® coating process creates a high-quality surface coating with excellent nonstick properties and/or very good sliding properties. MagnaCoat® coatings are thick-film polymer and fluoropolymer coatings with a virtually non-porous surface.

Ink pans

Ink pans in the printing industry

Ink pans are essential in the printing industry and are constantly in use. Every time the ink is changed, the leftover ink must be cleaned out of the ink pans and containers quickly so that the next print run can begin.

ChemCoat® ensures that ink residue no longer sticks. It cannot dry and adhere to the pan, making it easy to remove. The use of cleaning agents and rags is no longer necessary. The ink can be changed much more quickly. Cleaning and production time is reduced. Damage caused by scraping off dried ink residue is prevented.

Punch cylinders

Punch and counter-cutting cylinders for the printing of labels

When labels are printed, various shapes and sizes are stamped out of the roll of labels with punch cylinders. During the punching process, the blades on the counter-cutting cylinder keep colliding with the metal surface of the punch cylinder. The punch cutters begin to wear over time and become dull. The surface of the punch cylinder can be damaged.

StarCoat® provides extremely durable protection from wear and effectively protects the punch and counter-cutting cylinders from damage and abrasion. StarCoat® metal and carbide coating systems are applied with high-speed thermal spraying techniques to achieve exceptional resistance to wear.

Benefit: Increase in productivity due to more punch operations. Less frequent repairs and replacements.


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