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Your specialist for coatings in the printing industry

Your specialist for coatings in the printing industry

We focus on economic efficiency

In an increasingly digitalized world, the printing industry depends more and more on economic process optimization. Although many customers prefer to hold an actual newspaper or book in their hands, the final price must not significantly exceed the price of a digital medium. Appropriate surface technology can considerably increase the economic efficiency in the printing industry, and thus ensure your company's continuing competitiveness.

Special challenges during the printing process

Paper processing at high speeds generates Forces, which might even affect machine components made of steel. The dust generated by the paper leaves soiling on the machine components - the set web tension gets lost. Dried bookbinding adhesive residues and inks remain stuck to the containers and rollers. The result: considerable cleaning efforts and machine downtime. In the long run, the removal of particularly stubborn residues can result in damages.

All of these are factors that influence a trouble-free and smoothly running production.

The patented solution: extremely heavy-duty coatings

In order to avoid ink traces, maintain the web tension without damaging the material and ensure resistance to dust, it is required to provide material surfaces, which are capable of fulfilling different requirements at the same time. High resistance to wear and excellent non-stick properties characterizes the surface technology Aalberts surface treatment's customers from the printing industry benefit from. In this case, customized surface treatment processes and coating systems with special reinforcing materials are the key to success.

We use high-quality polymer and fluoropolymer finishes in conjunction with functional intermediate layers for our highly effective and partially patented surface finishes.

Our applications are characterized as follows:

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Low degree of roughening
  • Firm bonding with the base material
  • Outstanding non-stick properties
  • Durable anti-corrosion coating 
  • Excellent sliding properties
  • Non-stick properties of glue basins and coating rolls of bookbinding machines

  • Non-stick coatings of ink rollers in the printing industry

  • Extremely high wear protection for punch and counter-cutting cylinders for the printing of labels

Customized coating systems - solutions with special reinforcing materials

Certain areas of the production process become more economical when using optimized surface coatings and increasing the machine run time. Even very sharp knives, for example, are not capable of damaging our serial product AmorClad®. The embedding of thermally injected metals or carbides underneath the polymer coating significantly reduces the wear your machine is subject to. MagnaCoat® ( formerly known as SafeCoat®) and many other coatings from our range of surface technologies for the printing industry are able to offer significant process assistance, which we would like to illustrate by means of three case studies.

  • Most modern-day bookbinding machines use strong PUR adhesives for gluing together the spines. The adhesive in the glue pot is heated to the required processing temperature and then applied to the spines using several application rollers. Once the day's production has been completed, the adhesive cools down and hardens. Valuable working time gets lost due to the cumbersome cleaning of glue pots and application rollers which, in the end, also get damaged by the daily cleaning processes.

    Our TempCoat® and MagnaCoat® (formerly known as ChemCoat® and SafeCoat®) coatings improve the non-stick properties of glue pots and application rollers to a significant extent. All you have to do is peel off the cooled adhesive residues. In this way, you can significantly reduce your cleaning efforts and machine downtimes. Besides, you will avoid damages to the application rollers and glue pots.

  • Ink trays are an integral part of the printing industry. They are used continuously, and whenever the ink needs to be changed, the ink residues must be removed from the trays and containers as soon as possible so that the next print job can be started. The use of TempCoat® (formerly known as ChemCoat®)for surface coatings in the printing industry ensures, amongst other things, that dried ink residues do not stick to the surfaces. Thus, they can be easily removed. The result: shorter cleaning and production times. Damages caused by scratching off any dried ink residues are prevented.

  • When labels are printed, punch cylinders are used to punch different shapes and sizes out of the web. During the punching process, the anvil cylinder's blades repeatedly push onto the punch cylinder's metal surface. Not only do the cutting knives become blunt over time, but the surface of the punch cylinder can get damaged. An extremely hard type of coating, StarCoat® offers excellent wear protection. Both the punch cylinders and the anvil cylinders are thus protected against damage and wear. In order to create a layer with durable wear protection, StarCoat® metal and carbide coatings are applied to the surface using high-speed thermal spraying processes. This application method offers the following advantages: increased productivity thanks to a larger number of punching operations. No premature repairs and new acquisitions.

Our coatings are available worldwide

Represented in fourteen countries on three continents, we are certain that you will also find one of our branch offices in your vicinity. Our surface technology experts for the printing industry provide you with on-site services and Aalberts surface technologies's entire range of products. Be it bulk goods, large individual pieces or custom-made products, we will implement your order personally and on time.

You can rely on our commitment to quality and on-schedule deliveries - we will take care of the rest! Just contact our department for expert advice on industrial coatings and get your individual quote.

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