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Thermal solid phase diffusion

What is special about this process?

What is special about this process?

The special feature of this process is the particularly good bond with the base material that results from the diffusion of the zinc into the base material.


FuseCoat® is a set or processes which consist of zinc thermal diffusion + passivation + functional or decorative coating. Corrosion and wear protection coatings, decorative coatings, non-stick coatings, slide coatings as well as traction coatings are used.

FuseCoat® is pursuant to DIN EN ISO 17668 or DIN EN 13811 and DIN EN 15773:2010.

  • Properties

    FuseCoat® has the following properties:

    • High hardness
    • Active cathodic corrosion protection
    • High impact resistance
    • No hydrogen embrittlement
    • High temperature resistance
    • Anchoring by atomic bonding with the basic structure / base material
  • base material

    The following base substrates are suitable for zinc thermal diffusion by FuseCoat®:

    • unalloyed carbon steel
    • low alloy steel
    • heat-treated steel
    • high-performance steel
    • cast iron and grey cast iron
    • sintered metal
  • Application

    FuseCoat® is used wherever there is a need for outstanding cathodic corrosion protection and other functional and decorative properties combined in a duplex coating, e.g. in the automotive and construction industries, traffic engineering, wind power, the oil and gas industry or offshore.

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