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Lasting protection - Surface technology for the engineering industry

Lasting protection - Surface technology for the engineering industry

Experts in the field of surface coatings for the engineering industry

If you are a reliable market partner in the area of highly functional surface technology, it is vital to have an understanding of the original materials and an ability to think one´s way into the final products, as well as being able to facilitate these products with new fields of application. Over a period of more than 55 years, Aalberts surface treatment has earned such a reputation in the engineering sector. Every day we meticulously and reliably coat individual parts, small series and large series for our demanding customers. We are your specialist when it comes to industrial coatings.

Our surface finishes meet a wide range of needs

Surface technology for mechanical engineering is synonymous with the mastery of versatile challenges. Centre stage is taken by:

  • Highly durable components
  • Short and rare cases of downtime
  • Tools with a long service life
  • Optimised transport speeds
  • Minimum expenditure of energy

Aalberts surface treatment's experts can be found all over Europe. They know exactly how to meet these requirements. Using our partially patented functional coatings, we customise surfaces down to the last detail. Our component coatings offer the following benefits:

  • Corrosion protection: High-quality corrosion protection prevents surface damages and ensures long-lasting functionality.
  • Wear protection: The engineers working at Aalberts surface technologies use particularly hard layer combinations with metal or ceramics. Irrespective of the degree of strain, these coatings maximise the components' longevity and dimensional accuracy.
  • Temperature resistance: To prevent heatrelated damages to the functional coating, our range includes premium products which are able to withstand temperatures of up to +950°C.  The outstanding quality of the nearly pore-free surface remains preserved over a long period of time.
  • Traction: Defined friction values result in high transport speeds, especially when it comes to conveyor technology.  Our innovative processes create extremely homogeneous traction coatings.
  • Non-stick properties: Featuring an extremely low level of roughness, our non-stick coatings can be cleaned quickly and without the need for chemicals or release agents. 
  • Anti-friction properties: Anti-friction coatings keep moving components running smoothly and friction-induced energy losses low.

In some areas we can offer further features, such as resistance to chemicals, FDA food safety certifications as well as dielectric strength and electric conductivity. The desired characteristics are achieved individually with different coating materials.

Below we have listed three examples on how our successful surface technology is used in the engineering industry:

Forming of thermoplastics

Forming of thermoplastics
Forming of thermoplastics

Forming of thermoplastics

Different aluminium components such as mould inserts, hold-down clamps, mould bases and adapter plates are used in forming tools. The requirements placed on the component surfaces include optimised anti-friction properties and protection against corrosion and wear.In order to meet these requirements, Aalberts surface technologies finishes the parts using the HART-COAT® hard anodising process.

Rotor of a turbomolecular

Rotor of a turbomolecular<br> pump
Rotor of a turbomolecular

Rotor of a turbomolecular

The aluminium rotor of a turbomolecular pump was coated with KEPLA-COAT® white. This layer ensures increased wear protection and smooth operation under vacuum conditions.

Aluminium impression cylinders

Aluminium impression cylinders
Aluminium impression cylinders

Aluminium impression cylinders

Impression cylinders are used to hold printing plates, especially in flexographic, offset and book printing machines. Depending on the machine specifications, these cylinders are sometimes manufactured from special aluminium alloys. To increase the cylinders' resistance to wear, we apply HART-COAT® hard-anodised coating to their surfaces.

  • Looking into a labelling machine. In the background, the rotating container table can be seen, on which bottles are firmly clamped and centred between container plate and centring bells. Rub-berised glueing pallets (right) hand the labels over to the gripper cylinders with the receiving surface (centre). These, in turn, put the labels on the containers. To do this, slider guides (top right in the small photo), which are hard anodised by Aalberts surface technologies, slide in and out from behind.

  • DURNI-COAT® electroless nickel-plated shafts are used in CNC multi-spindle automatic lathes. The core is formed by six fluid-cooled motor spindles, integrated into the spindle drum.

  • Preparation of the hard coating of aluminium profiles at Aalberts surface technologies in Kerpen, Germany. There, a large part plant is utilised for hard anodising aluminium components such as rollers, tubes, special tools or even profiles using the HART-COAT® process. The maximum component length can be almost eight meters. The handling, covering and clamping of large components is very demanding.

  • DURNI-COAT® electroless nickel-plated machine component at the Aalberts surface technologies plant in Göppingen-Voralb, Germany. Heavy components weighing up to four tonnes can be picked up and coated here.

  • The Grip Factory Munich (GFM) is a renowned manufacturer of professional camera equip-ment. Here you can see the GF-16 crane system in use outside. All aluminium components of the crane are provided with the HART-COAT® surface. Even after numerous and intensive outdoor use, the crane is visually in a very good condition.

Surface technology for all sizes and shapes

By taking care of the final work step before assembly, Aalberts surface technologies often puts the finishing touch to components, especially in the area of mechanical engineering.We treat parts in lengths of a few centimetres, but also large components with complex geometries which can easily cost several thousand Euros.

In order to be able to meet the engineering sector's widely varying requirements, Aalberts surface treatment offers a large selection of surface technologies for mechanical engineering applications: Galvanising, Vacuum and nano-coating, Anodising, cathodic dip coating, Powder coating, wet painting, polymer coating, Thermal spraying, Drum coating, dip-spin coating

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Aalberts surface technologies is synonymous with reliability

Thanks to our flexible network of more than 50 locations, we are always close by. Outstanding quality, punctuality and reliability are very close to our heart - because we want you to be successful.

Are you interested in further information? If so, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist consultants for surface technology in the mechanical engineering sector. Together we will find answers and the best-possible solution to your problem.


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