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Automotive Industry -
millions of parts - daily

Automotive Industry -millions of parts - daily

Quality in a class of its own -
economical & reproducible

Aalberts surface treatment stands for the development, production and finishing of functional and highly durable surface designs of metallic materials. For decades, we have been the high-performance partner for the automotive industry and have experience of thousands of joint projects in this industry.

One billion components

Every day, several million parts are coated in our factories. Each year, Aalberts surface treatment functionally refines a billion components. We are a strategic partner for the international automotive industry in the new development and reliable just-in-time production of high-quality, innovative surface designs. There is hardly an automobile in the world that does not contain a component coated by the Aalberts surface treatment.

  • Europe's largest electroless nickel plant for series and small parts is located at Aalberts surface treatment in Weiterstadt. Even the most complex component geometries are given a uniform coating thickness.

  • Components for dual-clutch transmissions are coated with CompCote® at the plant in Kaufbeuren. CompCote® is a range of hard, wear and corrosion resistant special coatings for aluminium alloys. ©_philipus/Modern-duplex-clutch-automatic-transmission/depositphotos.com

  • A novel, innovative brake disc called iDisc has a significantly longer service life and a high fatigue resistance compared to a grey cast iron disc, thanks to an intelligent coating combination. The iDisc generates less brake dust and is installed in various models of a well-known German sports car manufacturer (Photo: Buderus Guss GmbH).

  • In selective galvanic finishing (SELGA-COAT®) at the Faulquemont plant, defined surface areas are processed by the targeted use of electrolyte in closed tools and only on the intended points. The partial coating is used in hubs and bearings, valves (e.g., injection pumps), engine pistons, valve pistons, brake system components, clutch components, pump housings, and intermediate plates, amongst others.

  • One of the focal points of the Göppingen-Voralb plant is the so-called valve slide, which is used in automatic transmissions. The surfaces of about 60 million items per year are hard anodised here using the HART-COAT® process. That is about 250,000 pieces per day in the three-shift operation.

More options in downsizing & lightweight construction

Improved material properties are in demand

Smaller, lighter, less friction. The downsizing requirements for engine components are challenging and always require higher-quality components. Aalberts surface treatment's coating systems play to their full strengths here and give the components the required material properties.

More options for reducing displacement

For example, for designers, through the use of turbochargers or compressors. DURNI-COAT® coated compressor wheels have a significantly higher thermo-mechanical load capacity. This is particularly effective when feeding exhaust gases to the compressor side of a turbocharger, as here the finest particles place excessive stress on the compressor wheel at immense speeds.

Control piston for CO2-reducing hydraulic systems

Particularly small gap dimensions are required here in order to enable lower hydraulic pressures and lower oil circulation volumes. As a result, smaller, lower-cost oil pumps can be built, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions. The control edges of the pistons are electroless nickel-plated using the DURNI-COAT® process. The coating is then machined to size. The coating reduces the risk of "piston seizures" due to foreign particles and improves the tribological properties of the pistons.


If you would like to tell us something about the applications presented here, you are welcome to do so. Your enquiry, your comment, your wishes will be forwarded directly to your personal contact person.