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Coatings in the automotive industry -
top class quality

Coatings in the automotive industry -top class quality

Your specialist for coatings in the automotive industry

Aalberts surface treatment is a name synonymous with the development, manufacture and refinement of functional and heavy-duty surface coatings for metallic and non-metallic materials. For decades, we have been a powerful partner for the automotive industry - over a thousand projects have enabled us to improve our expertise and gain a wealth of experience that our customers benefit from today. Every day, several million parts are coated in our plants. Each year, Aalbert's surface treatment functionally refines more than one billion components. There is hardly an automobile in the world that does not contain a component that we have coated.

Innovative surface designs for the automotive industry

Our coatings for the automotive industry are of the highest quality, economical and reproducible to meet the high demands that the highly competitive automotive industry places on its suppliers. Whether slip coatings of moving parts for reduced friction, high-quality plastic coatings for the car interior, protection against corrosion or scratch-resistant paintwork: Modern motor vehicles combine numerous innovative surface applications under the hood.

Aalberts surface treatment offers a wide range of high-quality coatings for the automotive industry. The properties of the coatings are different or combined. On the production side, our products accelerate processes, increase service life and thus save costs. In turn, the consumer benefits, for example, from high-performance engine components from the automotive industry with lower fuel consumption, a velvety feel to the interior and durable components with excellent corrosion protection. Tailor-made coating properties can extend the service life of moving components and reduce maintenance costs.

High demands on our automotive coatings

Our coatings for cars are extremely effective and meet the high standards and strict regulations of the automotive sector and its suppliers. Proven coating processes such as dip spinning, dip drawing or fully automatic wet painting and powder coating are used to apply optimum coatings to automotive parts or production machines. Our comprehensive quality management always considers the latest automotive industry standards and guarantees compliance with industry-specific requirements with regard to material composition, environmental specifications and coating tolerances.

Corrosion protection, friction reduction, wear protection or scratch resistance are just some of the demands we place on our coatings for the automotive industry. Depending on which component you produce for the automotive sector, additional individual coating properties can maximize component safety and performance. There are many optimisation potentials, in line with this the desire to use them and produce a satisfying product is very strong.

Corrosion protection for the automotive industry

Excellent rust protection constitutes one of the most important coatings for the automotive industry. And with good reason:

  • In the case of load-bearing parts, corrosion can represent a safety risk in the long term
  • Oxidation has a negative effect on the value of the vehicle
  • Car paint no longer adheres to corrosion and forms blisters
  • Repairs are costly - red rust often reappears in the same places 
  • Europe's largest electroless nickel plant for series and small parts is located at Aalberts surface treatment in Weiterstadt. Even the most complex component geometries are given a uniform coating thickness.

  • Components for dual-clutch transmissions are coated with CompCote® at our plant in Kaufbeuren. CompCote® is a range of hard, wear and corrosion resistant special coatings for aluminum alloys. ©_philipus/Modern-duplex-clutch-automatic-transmission/depositphotos.com

  • A new, innovative brake disc called iDisc has a significantly longer service life and a high fatigue resistance compared to a grey cast iron disc, thanks to an intelligent coating combination. The iDisc produced less brake dust and is installed in various models of well-known German sports car manufacturers. (Image: Buderus Guss GmbH).

  • In selective galvanic finishing (SELGA-COAT®) at our plant in Faulquemont predefined surfaces are processed by the targeted use of electrolyte in closed tools and only on intended points. The partial coating is used in hubs and bearings, valves (e.g. injection pumps), engine pistons, valve pistons, brake system components, clutch components, pump housings, and intermediate plates, among others.

  • One of our core competences at our plant in Göppingen-Voralb is the so-called valve-slide, which is used in automatic transmissions. The surfaces of about 60 million items per year are hard anodized using the HART-COAT® process. Approximately 250,000 pieces per day performing a three-shift production model.

More options in downsizing & lightweight construction

Smaller, lighter, smoother. The downsizing demands placed on engine components are challenging and require ever-higher quality components. The coating systems from Aalberts surface treatment play to their full strength in this regard and give components the required material properties.

Cubic capacity reduction

More possibilities for reducing cubic capacity are opening up for designers, for example with turbochargers or compressors. DURNI-COAT®-coated compressor wheels have a significantly higher thermomechanical load capacity. This has an effect above all on the supply of exhaust gases on the compressor side of a turbocharger, as the finest particles put excessive stress on the compressor wheel at immense speeds.

Control pistons for CO₂-reducing hydraulic systems

Particularly small gap dimensions are required here in order to enable lower hydraulic pressures and reduced oil circulation volumes. This makes it possible to build smaller, more cost-effective oil pumps that result in reduced CO2 emissions. The control edges of the pistons are electroless nickel plated using the DURNI-COAT® process. The coating is subsequently precisely ground down. The coating reduces the risk of "piston jamming" due to foreign particles and improves the tribological properties of the pistons.

Coatings for smooth production processes in the automotive industry

In addition to efficient surface coatings for automotive components, shortened cycle times and low-maintenance machines play an important role in automotive engineering. In the automotive industry, you face the challenges of process optimization on a daily basis. The number of fully automated processes continues to rise. Robots perform monotonous or hazardous activities. The purchase of expensive systems is only justified if the automation technology works sustainably and economically.

Our wide range of anti-friction coatings, anti-adhesion coatings and protective coatings improve reliability in automation and significantly reduce downtimes. At the same time they are easy to clean due to dirt-repellent surfaces. Thanks to the coatings used in the automotive industry, you need significantly less consumables and you reduce downtimes.

Individual solutions for coatings in the automotive industry

High-quality workmanship, durability, innovation and environmental protection are the premises for long-term success in the automotive industry. In order to satisfy these high demands, our engineers develop exclusive surface technology that provides a tailor-made solution to your problem. Contact our technological consulting team now and let our products inspire you.

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